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Welcome to IPSHA (Independent Primary School Heads of Australia) who provide access to an Australian wide collegial network of independent primary school educators and leaders.

We aspire to:

  • promote the unique nature of independent primary education
  • facilitate the national voice of independent primary schools
  • deliver and facilitate quality professional learning opportunities for members and their schools
  • provide collegial support for members
  • empower school leaders for student success

With a professional voice on matters pertaining to independent education through peak educational bodies such as APPA, Principal's Australia Institute and AITSL, IPSHA is well placed to ensure the needs of our students, schools and communities are clearly represented and argued.

IPSHA is also committed to supporting Heads through the provision of services to both the teachers and students in our schools. Through professional learning umbrella groups for teachers in a broad array of key learning areas, we are able to provide collegial sharing and professional development opportunities. Educational, cultural and sporting events are offered variously to our students at a State level to facilitate student performance, interactions and engagement through the organisation of high calibre events that are beyond the scope of individual schools.

Headship can be a lonely road. IPSHA is firmly committed to supporting all Primary Heads through the delivery of professional learning, collegial support and the communication of educational changes and challenges at State, National and International levels. Our intent is to ensure that the road is less lonely and the educational journey a rewarding and supported one for all Heads.

The Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) is an incorporated body of heads of Independent Primary Schools throughout Australia.

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Deb Dalwood

Deb Dalwood
IPSHA President

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Simone Larwood
Executive Assistant