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IPSHA Federal Executive

IPSHA is recognised as the leading independent primary school voice that connects and advocates for school leaders. To ensure this vision is a reality, the Federal Executive work collaboratively with the Federal Board to enact the business of IPSHA.

  • President Garry Brown OAM
    Mosman Church of England Preparatory School
    PO Box 950
    Spit Junction NSW 2088
    (02) 9968 4044 gbrown@mosmanprep.nsw.edu.au
  • Immediate Past President Deb Dalwood
    St Andrew's School
    PO Box 87
    Walkerville SA 5081
    (08) 8168 5555 ddalwood@standrews.sa.edu.au
  • Secretary Judith Butcher
    Ascham School - Hillingdon
    188 New South Head Road
    Edgecliff NSW 2027
    (02) 8356 7045 jbutcher@ascham.nsw.edu.au
  • Treasurer Neil Andary
    Prince Alfred College
    PO Box 571
    Kent Town SA 5071
    (08) 8334 1203 nandary@pac.edu.au
  • President Elect Grant Bock
    Westminster School
    Alison Avenue
    Marion SA 5043
    (08) 8276 0218 gbock@westminster.sa.edu.au
  • Executive Assistant Simone Larwood
    IPSHA Federal - Executive Assistant
    PO Box 92
    North Adelaide SA 5006
    0422 394 359 admin@ipsha.org.au

The Federal Executive has five members and includes:

  • President (2 year tenure)
  • Secretary (maximum of 6 year tenure)
  • Treasurer (maximum of 6 year tenure)
  • Immediate Past President (2 year tenure)
  • President Elect (2 year tenure)

The Federal Executive meetings are held once per term and are generally face to face meetings.

The Federal Executive is supported in their work by the IPSHA Executive Assistant who carries out the day to day administration of the Association.

The Federal Board has 11 members and includes:

  • The Federal Executive
  • State Branch Presidents (all of whom have a 2 year tenure):
    • New South Wales
    • Queensland
    • South Australia
    • Tasmania
    • Victoria
    • Western Australia

The Federal Board meetings are held twice annually including the meetings that are pre and post the Biennial National Conference.

See the IPSHA State Branch Presidents.