Vision, Mission & Goals

Our Vision

IPSHA is recognised as the leading independent primary school voice, connecting with and advocating for school leaders.

Our Mission

The Independent Primary School Heads of Australia (IPSHA) is an Incorporated body of Heads of independent primary schools throughout Australia. It provides professional support for its members and their teachers through ongoing learning opportunities and collegiality. IPSHA has the capacity to organise numerous educational, cultural, spiritual and sporting events for children in its schools.

On the national political stage, IPSHA has a voice of influence as a member of peak educational bodies such as APPA. The Association also fosters close links with independent school associations in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and International Confederation of Principals. IPSHA aspires to empower independent primary school leaders to achieve excellence in the broad education of children.


  1. To promote the unique nature and diversity of independent primary schools.
  2. To provide collegial support for members.
  3. To promote the national voice of independent primary schools.
  4. To deliver and facilitate quality professional learning opportunities.
  5. To provide educational opportunities for students.

Core Understandings

IPSHA, as a peak body, is able to significantly influence outcomes in primary education.

IPSHA promotes the unique nature of independent primary education by embracing and nurturing the diversity of educational philosophy among member schools and the Association’s activities to the wider community.

IPSHA provides collegial and professional support for members and their schools by:

  • fostering quality leadership through professional development and interaction with other educators
  • creating avenues to recognise and acknowledge the valuable contribution of members during their membership
  • seeking to provide pastoral care for members
  • providing opportunities for professional development and networking for staff

IPSHA enhances quality educational opportunities for students by:

  • encouraging diversity of educational experience, within a values framework, that recognises children’s individual differences in a caring environment
  • providing opportunities for the participation of children in educational, spiritual, sporting and cultural activities as determined by each state
  • seeking means of supporting and improving indigenous students’ educational and health outcomes
  • seeking means to reduce the effect of disadvantage to children brought about by disability, remoteness and socio economic limitations
  • providing collegial and professional support for members and their schools

Key relationships

IPSHA recognises the benefit in maintaining healthy and active relationships with peak educational bodies, both here in Australia and overseas including: National

  • Australian Primary Principals Association (APPA). IPSHA has state and federal representatives on both the APPA Board and National Advisory Council. The IPSHA Federal President is a member of both these bodies.
  • Association of Heads of Independent Schools of Australia (AHISA). Strong communication and liaison exists when addressing matters of mutual concern and benefit to our schools.
  • Independent Schools Council of Australia (ISCA)
  • Associations of Independent Schools (AIS) in each state


  • International Confederation of Principals (ICP) – a global voice for school leaders of which IPSHA is a member
  • Independent Schools of New Zealand (ISNZ)
  • The Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS) in the United Kingdom
  • The Elementary School Heads Association (ESHA) in the United States of America